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A podiatrist that provides compassionate,
comprehensive, and effective foot and ankle care!

As a podiatrist, Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos specializes in the treatment of heel pain, ankle pain, bunions, warts, flat feet, arthritis in feet and ankles, bone spurs, broken bones in feet and ankles, and different forms of skin cancers that occur on the foot or lower leg.  We also specialize in the types of foot and ankle problems athletes and runners may develop.

Is foot pain affecting you every day?

As a podiatrist, Dr. Alexopoulos has been specially trained to help you with walking problems.  He can relieve your foot pain and treat your foot and ankle conditions. The treatment he provides enables quick healing so you can to return to work and your regular daily activities as soon as possible.

Dr. Alexopoulos is the only podiatrist in the Chicago area that is fluent in four languages. He speaks English, Spanish, Greek, and German. He is also the only podiatrist from Chicago that was at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics treating athletes from around the world.

When you come to our office you can expect our devoted time and attention. You will not feel rushed during your appointment. Dr. Alexopoulos will make every effort to listen carefully and allow you to fully explain what you are experiencing.  He will make a point to not only explain the problem, but also what caused the problem to develop. In addition, he will share the different forms of treatment that are available to you so that we can tailor it to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Why is foot care or foot health important?

Most people don’t think about their feet.  Many times they believe that feet are supposed to hurt, but that’s not true.  As a foot specialist and podiatrist, it’s important for Dr. Alexopoulos to educate people on how to prevent foot problems and the proper methods of foot care.

Want to contact our office?

You can call our office at 773-561-8100 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexopoulos or come in to discuss your questions further.

Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos - Podiatrist