Painful High Arches: Relief to Keep You Dancing

Dance your way to Grant Park’s Spirit of Music Garden where you can enjoy a free dance lesson and free, live music through September 15, 2013.   Don’t miss this great opportunity to close out the summer with a step, a turn, and a twirl.  If foot and ankle pain has kept you from enjoying a day at the park, your arch type may be to blame.

Formed by the navicular bone, the cuboid bone, and the cuneiform bones, the arches of the feet are classified as either high, neutral, or flat.  Do you know your type?  A simple test can give you the answer.  Take a shallow pan of water, dip your foot, and step onto a paper bag.  The shape of the wet image reveals this valuable information.  A high arch is noted by a visible heel and ball-of-the-foot with only a sliver of the outside of the foot showing.

If you have painful high arches it’s likely that others in your family do as well.  Foot pain should never be ignored, and there are a variety of treatment options available to relieve the discomfort.  Begin with a simple change in footwear.  Look for styles that provide arch support, and consider the benefits of custom orthotics which evenly distribute the body’s weight.  Cushion is another important shoe feature that will benefit your feet.  Activities such as running can be particularly problematic for people with high arches.  Consider cross-training to give your feet an opportunity to recover.

Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos and his expert staff look forward to serving their Chicago, IL neighbors.  Don’t let foot pain keep you from dancing.  Make an appointment today by calling (773) 561-8100, or request an appointment online.


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