Common Causes of Heel Pain

Heel Pain Giving You Problems?

With fall sports leagues in full swing around Chicago, you may be experiencing some pain from the extra stress of participating in seasonal sports. Whether it’s coed football or soccer, indoor volleyball or basketball, players who run, jump and endure collisions with other players are ripe for foot problems. Many patients who come to My Chicago Foot Expert are suffering from heel pain and seeking relief.

Flat FeetThere are some common causes for this discomfort. If the arch of your foot isn’t getting proper support you can develop plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the large ligament under your foot that can cause pain where it connects to your heel bone. If this condition goes untreated, heel spurs can form and irritate the surrounding tissue. You may feel a sharp stabbing pain under your heel as you run or jump. You might also have a problem with your Achilles tendon, that ropy band of tissue at the back of your heel that connects it to your calf. If the tendon becomes inflamed or torn, even walking can make you wince, and running or jumping may be impossible.

Underlying causes for these conditions include shoes that don’t fit, or ones that lack support and cushioning. Inadequate stretching before and after exercise, a sudden increase in the type or amount of exercise you do, or those extra pounds you’ve put on lately can also result in heel pain.

If your heels hurt, your game plan needs to include a visit to Dr. Alexopoulos at My Chicago Foot Expert. He can analyze your problem and recommend the best treatment. Call the office in Chicago at 773-561-8100, or use the “Book Online” button on the website.