Right Shoe, Right Podiatrist: The Art of Pain-free Feet

The weekends are meant for relaxing—from your head to your feet.  How long has it been since you’ve done something fun?  Is foot pain keeping you from your favorite activities?  Choosing the right shoe for an all-day adventure is vital to pain-free feet.

The upcoming Lakeview East Festival of the Arts is an ideal way to spend your day.  The nine year old event will be held on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15 on Broadway between Roscoe St. and Belmont Ave.  The show is juried, so the one hundred and seventy-five artists are experts in their mediums.  Browse, listen to live bands, and take in the sights as you unwind from your week.

Enjoy a day of art hunting as you stroll the streets of this great neighborhood.  What type of shoes will you wear on your outing?  If the temperatures are warm, you may be tempted to pull your favorite flip-flops from the closet.  Save those for next summer’s pool trips, and search for something with a more substantial sole.  Determined to stay stylish—don’t sacrifice comfort for looks.  Shoes with high-heels and pointed-toes are especially troublesome for your feet.  Instead, look for footwear that fit properly and have a wide toe box.  Don’t forget to always wear socks, since friction between the skin and your shoe may cause blisters to form.

Many people don’t take the selection of proper footwear seriously, and the result is pain in the feet.  Don’t change your lifestyle to accommodate foot discomfort.  Address your symptoms today with Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos at our convenient, Chicago location.  Call (773) 561-8100, or request an appointment online.