Athletic Shoes Helping Charity

Even though he knew he’d end up paying a $10,500 fine, Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall figured it was worth it. Wearing lime green shoes at the October 10th game violated NFL policy for not matching the team’s white color, but he says starting the conversation about Mental Health Awareness Week was important to him since his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder in 2011. He has since auctioned off the shoes to raise around $3600 for his foundation.

Choosing the right footwear for athletics is an important decision, although color is not the main criteria! You want the right shoe for the right activity, and there are several things to watch for when you are trying on different styles. First, do a wet foot test to determine your footprint. A big splotch on the paper that shows most of your foot indicates flat feet or low arches that will tend to overpronate – roll more to the inside. This type of foot will need a shoe with lots of support and motion stabilization. If there are two splotches for the forefoot and heel with only a thin line between them, you probably have high arches and will tend to underpronate – roll to the outside. These feet require shoes with lots of cushioning and a soft midsole to protect the arch.

Feet change, so measure your foot if it’s been a while since you bought shoes. Remember that different brands size differently, so adjust accordingly. Shop at the end of the day when your feet have expanded, and take along socks and any shoe inserts you use, to make sure there is enough room in the shoe. There should be almost a half inch to spare between the tips of your toes and the front of the shoes. Remember, footwear should be comfortable right from the start. Having to “break in” shoes is asking for trouble.

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