Chase High Arch Troubles Away

What a great way to spend the holiday: an early run along the gorgeous skyline in the city, a tasty dinner, and football – or a nap if you prefer! The annual Chicago 8K Turkey Chase on November 28th has drawn participants on chilly Thanksgiving mornings for many years, and this fall can be your chance to try it out. Be virtuous and get your exercise in before indulging in that scrumptious turkey dinner. Just be sure to prepare for it properly.

Orthotics For Your Feet
Orthotics are often used as a conservative treatment for foot pain.

You may need to train and work up to that distance, and you will definitely want to spend enough time warming up before running in those early morning temps. You will also want to check your shoes. If they are tired and worn, they won’t support your feet properly, which can be a problem if you have a faulty foot structure like high arches.

A foot with a high arch means the bones that connect your heel to your toes curve higher than normal, as opposed to flat feet, where they fall lower. If you do a “wet foot” test, flat feet will leave a print where almost the whole foot shows, while high arches will show the ball, heel, and a thinner strip along the outside of the foot. Runners with this type of arch often experience problems unless they compensate for this condition.

Seasoned runners know how important it is to know your foot structure, and they take the necessary steps to head off injury. If you are just starting out, have your feet checked, and learn how you can run safely. At My Chicago Foot Expert, Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos specializes in treating sports injuries, including at events like the Olympics. We can show you how to prepare properly, to keep your feet healthy while you run, and provide help if you already have problems. Call our office in Chicago today at (773) 561-8100, or book online through our website.