Give Bunion Pain the Run Around

Is a trek down the Magnificent Mile part of your holiday traditions? If you love to shop, walking along Michigan Avenue in Chicago is a treat for the eyes – and a threat to your pocketbook! The variety of shops, all decked out for the festive season, make a fun walk whether you have gifts to buy or not. Just don’t wear those pointy high-heeled boots for the trip, or you may end up coming home with bunion pain!

Remove Bunion Pain
Holiday decorations make a downtown walk more enchanting.

No matter what caused that bump at the base of your big toe, walking in poorly-fitted shoes or boots can aggravate it turning holiday cheer into misery. The redness, swelling, and pain aren’t worth making a fashion statement, even on the most fashionable street in the city. Shoes that leave room for your toes and support your feet come in many attractive styles, so you don’t have to wear something that pinches.

In spite of your precautions, you may still end up with discomfort. Here are some tips to find relief for bunions. Wrap ice in a dish towel, and apply it to the area for 10-20 minutes a few times a day. Rest your foot, and elevate it above your heart. Moving and stretching your toes, or giving yourself a foot massage, can relax you and relieve some of the discomfort. Use moleskin as padding where your shoe rubs on the foot, or try stretching your shoes to make more room.

Most importantly, consult Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos at My Chicago Foot Expert. We can prescribe pain relief medications or custom orthotics that will help with the pain. If conservative treatments don’t seem to work, we can discuss bunion surgery with you to see if that is the best option. Don’t wait until the problem becomes that severe. Call us today at (773) 561-8100, and stop bunion pain in its tracks!