Seek Treatment for Plantar Warts–Show Off Your Feet in 2014

When women like actor Julianne Moore or model Kate Moss hit the red carpet, their feet are on display – and subject to the same scrutiny as their designer clothing. It’s not uncommon to see them standing in towering heels or strappy sandals, revealing crooked, cramped toes that look downright painful. Every woman would like to be able to show off her feet and know that they are an asset to her appearance, but many times it’s just the opposite. Baring our feet shows our flaws and abnormalities; they are visible – warts and all.

If warts are your problem, you are not alone. Almost everyone has a wart somewhere on their body at some time in their lives. They can be small rough patches of skin about the size of a pencil eraser, or have a small black “seed” in the center (really a small clot in a blood vessel). They may be raised or flat, rough or smooth, and may be painful. If they appear on the sole of your foot, they are called plantar warts. These are not cancerous, and if they don’t give you discomfort you can let them heal on their own, which may take up to two years. They are contagious, so wear flip-flops or shower shoes to keep from spreading the virus to others.

Treatment for plantar warts may include home remedies, like using duct tape along with foot soaks and abrasion, or one of the compounds you apply to the warts to freeze them or destroy and peel them away, layer by layer. These remedies have varied success, so you may just want to make an appointment at My Chicago Foot Expert, and have them taken care of right away.

Dr. Stavros Alexopoulos has many options for treating planter warts, including cyrotherapy (freezing), immunotherapy which uses your own immune system to fight them, cantharidin treatment, minor surgery, or laser treatments. Call (773) 561-8100 today, and get your feet in pretty shape to be shown off in the New Year.