Start Your Child’s School Year Right with Well Made, Comfortable Shoes

It still feels like summer but soon those bright yellow school buses will start filling our Chicago streets. A new school year is exciting for children and comes with its own traditions like choosing a new backpack – and shopping for shoes.

Shop Smart for Comfort and Protection

Your child may beg you for shoes decorated with Universal Picture’s “Minions” or “Star Wars” sneakers, but be strong! It’s important that school shoes are comfortable and sturdy so they can withstand hours at the playground.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right shoe for all school activities:

  • First, check your school’s dress code for any requirements, for example if a special color is required for uniforms or that no sandals are allowed.
  • Be sure to have a professional measure both feet each time you shop, preferably later in the day. Measure the length, arch and width for proper fit.
  • Bring socks and have your child try on both shoes. Make sure that the heels don’t slip and that there is no discomfort at all – shoes should not have to be “broken in” to be comfortable.
  • Look for shoes that are flat-soled and flexible. The shoe should bend easily and heels and toes should be level with the ground.
  • Select shoes made of durable, quality materials. Although leather is more expensive, it lasts longer than cheaper materials.
  • Avoid hand-me-down shoes. It’s tempting to re-use shoes but they will have molded to the feet of the prior owner and will never fit properly.

It may take a little negotiation, but with careful shopping your child will start the school year right in well-fitting, fashionable shoes.

Make Back to School a Success for your Child’s Foot Health

Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM would be happy to meet you and your child to measure his or her feet. We can also assess your child’s foot health, looking for flat feet and in- or out-toeing, and recommend footwear for these conditions.

A board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Alexopoulos has extensive experience with pediatric patients and the right expertise to diagnose and treat any foot or ankle problems. Please call our Chicago office at 773-561-8100 to schedule an appointment or visit the website. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to a successful outcome for any pediatric foot pain or deformity.