Month: November 2015

A Stubbed Toe May Be More Than Just a Nuisance

We’ve all stubbed our toes at one time or another and it hurts! Toes have lots of nerve endings to send sensory information quickly to the central nervous system and they don’t have much fatty tissue to absorb an impact. Together this means that a stubbed toe is very painful but usually not very serious. […]

Pregnancy and Foot Pain

If you or a family member is expecting a new arrival shortly – congratulations! You are probably taking good care of yourself by eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water and taking your vitamins. But did you know that your feet need extra pampering too? You are naturally gaining weight and so your center of […]

What Your Feet Can Divulge about Your Overall Health

Did you know that your feet can show clues that give hints about your overall health? Every day in our office Dr. Alexopoulos examines patients with all kinds of foot problems. At the same time we sometimes notice signs that can point to general health problems ranging from dehydration to impaired circulation and even lung […]