Month: June 2016

It’s Embarrassing But … Do Your Feet Smell?

“Summertime, and the living is easy …” – unless you suffer from feet that have unusually unpleasant odors. In other words, they smell! This common but embarrassing problem is called bromodosis and is most often caused by sweating. Together your 2 feet have 250,000 sweat glands – more than in any other place in your […]

Orthotics Often Prescribed for Both Adults and Children

Every day at our practice we see patients of all ages with a variety of foot problems. And every day we prescribe custom-made orthotic devices to address our patients’ unique needs. Orthotics are designed to correct a foot problem. These inserts fit into shoes and work to compensate for a foot deformity or to redistribute […]

Eat Right for the Nerves in your Feet

Diabetes is on the rise – 28 million Americans have the disease, and half will develop neuropathy. (APMA) Neuropathy is nerve damage that causes lack of feeling in the extremities. This loss of sensation can be very damaging for the feet, where a small wound or puncture may go unnoticed until it develops into an […]

Flip Flops Are Not the Best Footwear for Children

Now that summer has unofficially started with Memorial Day past, we all look forward to wearing light clothes and sandals. If you’re like most parents, you know that your children love to wear the barest possible footwear – flip flops! These inexpensive sandals seem perfect for this time of year but take a few moments […]