Orthotics Often Prescribed for Both Adults and Children

Every day at our practice we see patients of all ages with a variety of foot problems. And every day we prescribe custom-made orthotic devices to address our patients’ unique needs.

Orthotics are designed to correct a foot problem. These inserts fit into shoes and work to compensate for a foot deformity or to redistribute pressure that is causing foot pain and skin problems. Over-the-counter shoe inserts are available but, as these are generic, they cannot adequately address a patient’s specific foot problem.

If you have any problem with your feet, custom-fitted orthotics may be the answer. They can help you move more efficiently and can take stress off of a painful spot to allow proper healing.

Orthotics can benefit athletes and anyone with a foot problem, no matter how young or old. Read on to learn about some specific conditions that custom orthotics can help to relieve:

  • Flat foot. For adults and children over age 8 with flat feet, orthotics can improve foot function as well as stabilize the foot to eliminate discomfort.
  • Heel pain. Plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, can be relieved by orthotics that move pressure away to other spots to allow healing.
  • Lower leg and back pain. Aching and pain in these areas can be caused by tendonitis, shin splints and other types of injuries. A more rigid orthotic can influence joint movements as well as overall foot function to relieve pain.
  • Skin problems like blisters, calluses and ulcers. Often these conditions are caused by too much pressure on certain areas of the foot. To protect the skin and promote healing, flexible, soft orthotics will move stress away from problematic pressure points.

In addition to resolving foot problems, semi-rigid custom orthotics can help athletes or anyone who exercises whose feet must absorb extreme force during running and other workouts.

Orthotics Are Not Just for Adults – Children Can Benefit Too

At Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, we often prescribe orthotics for children with certain foot deformities or conditions. Youngsters often exhibit intoeing, where the toes point inward rather than straight ahead. This condition usually goes away as the child grows, but in some cases custom orthotics can help realign the feet and avoid adult problems.

Another foot problem where orthotics can help is Sever’s disease. When children experience a growth spurt, the muscles and tendons that support the heel bone can become overstretched. Orthotics can help reduce heel stress and allow the area to heal.

Ask Us if Custom Fitted Orthotics Can Help your Foot Problem

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