Month: August 2016

Stay on Your Toes To Keep Toenails Healthy

Do you take your feet for granted? Many of us do, until we have a foot or ankle problem and then our feet become very important! Our toenails too are often neglected – except for periodic pedicures – and so a toenail problem may go unobserved. It’s a good idea to examine your toes every […]

It’s Time for Back to School Shoe Shopping!

There’s no hint of coolness in our northern Illinois air but fall is definitely on the way. Even without the weather as an indicator, we know that fall is coming because those familiar yellow school buses are gearing up and will soon take to the streets. If you’re like most parents, you’ll soon be planning […]

Is It Time To Give your Flip Flops a Good Cleaning?

It’s mid-summer, school is on the horizon and you’re still trudging around in your flip flops. Take a look at your favorite pair – they’re probably looking pretty scruffy right about now. Between trips to the lake, walking along the beach, protecting your feet at the pool and washing your car, you wear them anywhere […]