Month: October 2016

Wearing and Caring for Orthotics

If your foot doctor has prescribed orthotics, think of it as if you have been prescribed medication for a particular condition. In other words, use them! Your doctor saw a problem in your feet, whether from an injury, disease or a physical abnormality that can be helped by these custom-made shoe inserts designed to support […]

Take Good Care of Your Feet after Running or Jogging

It was a beautiful fall day with temperatures in the fifties for this month’s Chicago marathon. Men and women Kenyan runners dominated the podium but many thousands of ordinary runners successfully made the challenge of this long race. If you watched or participated in the marathon, you may be motivated to increase your running workouts […]

What Is Causing Your Big Toe Pain?

If you have pain in your big toe, you know that it’s more than annoying. This type of pain can interfere with even the most basic movements – even just standing. Our big toes have big jobs too. They help keep us stable when we’re on our feet and help absorb the shock of walking […]

Foot and Ankle Pain May Be Caused by Arthritis

Are your feet or ankles stiff? Do you notice any redness or swelling in the areas of the joints? Is the pain and stiffness limiting the motion of your feet and even inhibiting walking or exercising? You may have arthritis in your feet and/or ankles. Rheumatoid arthritis, the more serious form of arthritis, causes chronic […]