Thank your Feet this Thanksgiving

Our cherished, all-American holiday is right around the corner – Thanksgiving!

Each year we all pause to consider those things for which we are thankful. We are grateful for our families and our warm, safe homes. Children give thanks for pumpkin pie, their pets and not having to clean up after holiday meals.

This month, consider thanking the hardest working and least appreciated part of your body – your feet! These complex and amazing structures keep us walking, standing, stepping and exercising over a lifetime of use.

Thank Your Feet with Good Foot Care

Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM has some practical ideas on how to thank your feet for a job well done:

  • Remember that your feet need special care every day. Just as you wash your face daily, clean your feet too with warm soapy water. Dry carefully especially between the toes.
  • Smooth on moisturizing cream or lotion every day to keep skin hydrated and supple. Avoid putting moisturizers between the toes.
  • Check your feet once a day, especially if you have diabetes. Look for anything unusual like a blister, cut, scrape or bruise. Inspect your toenails for signs of ingrown nails or nail fungus.
  • Trim toenails regularly. Remember to cut them straight across, not rounded at the toes, to prevent ingrown toenails. If you are unable to cut your own nails, we’d be happy to do it for you.
  • Pamper yourself with a pedicure at your favorite nail salon. Choose your salon carefully – look for good hygiene and up-to-date state and local licenses. Make sure tools are freshly sterilized or bring along your own.
  • Be kind to your feet by wearing comfortable, cushioned shoes with good arch support. Make sure the toe box is wide enough to allow for wiggle room.
  • Save fashionably narrow shoes and high heels for special occasions and limit wearing them to avoid calluses and corns.
  • Let shoes dry out completely between wearings. Adding a tea bag to each shoe overnight can eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Maintain good blood flow to your feet. Put feet up when resting. Wiggle your toes and rotate ankles frequently. Avoid sitting with legs crossed for long periods.
  • Treat yourself to a foot massage. You can also massage your feet at home by rolling them back and forth over a rolling pin or a frozen water bottle.
  • If you have diabetes, work with your health care team to control your blood sugar. Choose healthy foods and exercise every day, with your doctor’s permission.

Most importantly, be alert to any persistent foot or ankle pain or skin condition. Please make an appointment to see us if you have any concerns – we’re here to help!

We Can Help with Any Toe, Foot or Ankle Problem

Dr. Alexopoulos, board certified podiatrist has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating all types of foot and ankle conditions. Many treatments and surgeries can be addressed right here in our office. Please call our Chicago office at (773) 561-8100 or request an appointment via the website. Thank your feet for carrying you where you want to go and treat them well for comfortable, reliable service!