Month: December 2016

Could Your Foot Pain Be a Stress Fracture?

Imagine the pressures placed on your feet when you run or even walk. Each of the 26 bones in your foot must bear your body weight and so are subject to stress fractures. When muscles are fatigued or become overloaded, they transfer the stress to adjacent bones. When this happens over and over, the bones […]

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have pain on the inside of your ankle? Does your discomfort sometimes develop as a burning or tingling feeling or numbness? You may have tarsal tunnel syndrome, where the posterior tibial nerve is squeezed or compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome is where a nerve is compressed near the wrist’s carpal bones resulting in a […]

Give a Thoughtful Foot Care Gift

Need a last minute present for a friend or family member? Looking for a thoughtful thank-you gift for your favorite stylist, dog walker, babysitter, teacher or doorman? Chances are they have plenty of cute holiday mugs and coffee-shop gift cards. Why not think creatively and give them the gift of foot care? We all spend […]

Heel Anatomy: The Workings of your Heels

Picture the lowly heel. It’s really the cornerstone of your body as all your weight rests on this mechanism of bone, muscle and tendon. The heel plays a very important part in shaping the arch and managing the stress of running and walking. How your Heel Works The heel bone gives your heel its shape […]