Indulge Your Feet with a Self-Massage

Oh my poor aching feet! How many times have you said that to yourself?

Well, we have a remedy for that and it’s easy to do. Give yourself a slow, relaxing foot massage!

Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM recommends foot massages for their many benefits. The gentle, overall rubbing motion will improve your circulation, and keeping the muscles and tendons of your feet flexible and loose can help prevent foot and ankle injuries. Regular foot massages have even been shown to significantly reduce anxiety in cancer patients.

How To Massage Your Feet

  • Gather your supplies. You’ll need a basin of warm water with a couple of drops of essential oil added in. Peppermint and lavender are favorite scents. Make sure you have a towel for drying the feet and some rich, emollient foot cream or lotion for the last step.
  • Relax in a comfortable chair and soak your feet as long as you like.
  • Dry your feet and rest one foot on the opposite thigh. Alternatively, you can recline on a couch with one leg bent up and rest the other foot on the raised leg.
  • Gently hold your foot for about 2 minutes with one hand on top and one on the bottom. You’ll feel warmth and possibly some tingling, letting you know that the muscles and tendons are softening and releasing.
  • Begin massaging by rubbing your hands backwards and forwards along the top of your foot to warm the area.
  • If you find a knotty trigger point, apply gentle pressure with your thumb as deeply as you can tolerate.
  • Massage your toes with your opposite hand. Roll, twist and squeeze each one separately.
  • Now, while using your fingers to support your foot, use both thumbs to make deep, circular pressure movements over the sole of your foot. Continue stroking.
  • Repeat all steps with your other foot.
  • Smooth on foot cream for a nice finishing touch.

Here’s one last point: Get your significant other involved too! Giving each other a foot massage is a fun, relaxing and enjoyable activity that you’re certain to make part of your normal routine.

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