Corns Can Cause Pain

Corns may appear to be insignificant, but they can unfortunately become infected and cause throbbing pain. They are small, curved, hardened areas of skin that develop from excessive pressure. Corns are more likely to form when in slender toes or in those that have deformities that cause the skin to press against the inside of shoes. Complications like infections can develop if left untreated.

Treatments for this condition:

  • Soaking corns in warm water
  • Rubbing feet with moisturizer
  • Eating fiber-rich foods
  • Wearing comfortable, properly-fitting shoes with ample room in the toe box with socks can help mitigate friction against the toes
  • Using shoe wedges or orthotics in shoes to help redistribute pressure away from the areas that have corns when walking or running

The above conservative methods are the best initial options for treating this condition. However, if they are not done early on and corns progress, surgery may be required. Do not attempt to remove the corn at home because it can lead to an infection. Due to the stubbornness of corns to impact the feet in a painful way, if you notice them on your feet, you should contact our foot doctor, Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM at My Chicago Foot Expert. They can become infected if you do not receive proper treatment when required, so contact our office in Chicago, IL at (773) 561-8100 for an appointment today! Don’t let a corn turn into something complicated! Our Patient Education Library is another helpful research tool you can benefit from.