Flat Feet Hinder the Foot’s Mobility

Flat Feet occur when the arches fall towards the ground when standing, which can cause daily activities to become a source of discomfort. In some cases, this condition is seen in young children, requiring early treatment to prevent long-term pain. Arches naturally lose their strength as bodies age, making ankle tendons frailer as well, but if abnormal foot mechanics are not treated, the weakened arch can upset the entire balance of the foot. This causes discomfort along the legs and possibly throughout the body. Factors that increase the likelihood of obtaining this condition include aging, other complications such as diabetes or severe injuries caused by traumatic injuries.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • properly-fitting shoes
  • appropriate physical therapy to correct and diminish the abnormal strides and positioning of the ankles caused by lack of proper arch support
  • losing excessive weight
  • using orthotics that support the arch and corrects foot mechanics
  • wearing specially fitted shoes that give additional arch support. New technology can help to provide the best foot care devices that help the feet benefit from the functionality of arches.

Flat feet can cause significant pain and injury to the feet. If treatment is not sought and flat feet are allowed to develop further, complications may result. The right exercises in conjunction with the best technological advances can help your arch get its proper shape back. So seek the help of a foot care specialist if you suspect flat feet or have any other foot and ankle issues. Podiatrist Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM at My Chicago Foot Expert, located in Chicago, IL, can treat this condition with care and provides treatments for many feet and ankle conditions. Contact us online or reach us at (773) 561-8100. Our Patient Education Library is also helpful in learning more about foot and ankle complications.