Ingrown Toenails Have No Boundaries

Ingrown Toenails form as a result of a toenail, most often of the big toe, digging into the surrounding skin to cause pain and inflammation. When the nail breaks the skin, bacteria can enter the wound, making the area susceptible to infections. When nails are allowed to grow too deep into the skin, complications can result and inflammation can cause significant pain. Contributing factors to the formation of this condition include cutting toenails in a curved shape when they should be cut in a straight manner, inherited traits, deformities, and poorly fitting shoes with narrow toe boxes.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Soaking feet in warm water.
  • Refraining from cutting an infected ingrown toenail.
  • Wearing shoes that provide ample support, have large toe boxes and that has cushioning around the side of the toes to prevent the shoes from causing toenails to grow in a slanted manner.
  • Surgery if conservative measures are lacking in effectiveness or if an infection has become severe. Surgical procedures will act to eliminate an infection from the nail bed or to drain discharge.
  • Chemicals to prevent nails from re-growing so that the slanted nail will no longer be able to grow into to the skin and cause this condition to happen again.

Ingrown toenails can cause significant pain and lead to unnecessary infections when not treated with due care and the utmost attentiveness. Here at My Chicago Foot Expert located in Chicago, Illinois, our foot doctor Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, will provide accurate and effective treatment that can help your toenails to grow in the right direction. Please take a moment to make an appointment by calling our office at (773) 561-8100 and also don’t hesitate in checking out our Patient Education Library to learn more about other foot conditions so that you can watch out for them before they become a problem.