The Wickedness of Corns

Corns are hardened areas of skin that can form on the foot and cause problems if not handled correctly. It’s the pressure and friction that occurs on the foot’s skin that begins the start of this condition by causing a buildup of dead layers of skin. Corns are generally hard or soft, depending on whether they form in between toes or not. The soft versions are more painful and can become easily infected. Those susceptible to this condition include people with foot deformities like bunions, those who wear shoes that are too constrictive due to a fashionable reason, being on feet for a great portion of the day due to the type of job someone may have, and those who wear shoes without some form of a protective barrier such as socks.

How to remove and prevent corns:

  • Rubbing the corns with a pumice stone after washing them in water. This will help to remove the outer skin layers. This procedure is recommended to be performed by a medical professional to prevent the onset of infection.
  • Changing the types of shoes that are worn will help to put an end to the friction against the skin of the foot that may be causing the formation of this condition. Shoes should be wide and soft so as to provide optimal conditions for the foot.
  • Cortisone injections may be an option if the corn is causing significant discomfort and may be helpful in reducing pain.
  • Surgical removal is an option but it does not act as a permanent solution. This procedure will act to remove all layers of dead skin of the corn.

This condition can be an annoyance or a real problem. At Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM located in Chicago, Illinois, our foot doctor, Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, will provide your feet with quality treatment and help to put an end to the pain of corns so that your toes can move freely and without any encumbrances. So, please make an appointment by calling our office at (773) 561-8100 and look over our Patient Education Library to learn more about this and many other foot conditions.