Arthritis Can Ruin the Party

Foot and Ankle Arthritis can be a complicated and long-running situation for many individuals.  You may know this or not, but arthritis can get worse with age. So, if you think your neglect of its formation will pay off, you are very wrong. If arthritis is not treated timely, the irritating pain it initially causes can thereafter grow into something so unbearable that you can no longer bear any weight or perhaps take regular walks for small amounts of time. Arthritis abolishes the apparatuses of a joint and is a wear and tear of the cartilage that produces inflammation of the joint. Stark arthritis can impede your mobility from behaving normally. Pain occurs as the joint is injured, and will lead to inflammation from the loss of cartilage. If not treated right away, your foot or ankle could become deformed. It’s also important to note that severe traumas that cause broken feet or torn ligaments can cause the joint to develop arthritis. With the right treatment, however, it can be slowed down.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Use medications to reduce inflammation. These can include steroidal injections or anti-inflammatories.
  • Physical therapy is immensely helpful in reducing joint erosion.
  • Weight loss can be helpful in reducing the load of pressure on the ankle.
  • Orthotics will remap pressure so that it does not affect the joint as severely.
  • If surgery is necessary, it may include a cleaning of the joint with arthritis, removing the joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. Recovery after surgery will necessitate a period where your foot might have to be put in a cast or use a special type of shoe to ensure that arthritis no longer causes any issues.

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