Bunions Can Wear Your Feet Down

Bunions can be annoying or not a problem at all. If your bunion does not develop into a large enough mass to cause shoe issues or other complications, there may not be much you have to do. However, they can frequently cause significant issues that can cause your feet to be worn out from dealing with them.

Bunions are bumps that develop on the joint at the bottom of the big toe. They occur when pressure is placed on your big toe. This may happen when the toe is rubbed against the toe next to it. Your big toe joint may become larger and protrude outward as a result. A bunion may cause your toe to become painful and red. Using tight-fitting, slim shoes may aggravate bunions and shove big toes inward. High-heeled shoes can especially cause bunions since the big toe becomes bent and pushed toward the adjacent toe, causing the lower bones to push out. Bunions can also be hereditary or the result of a medical condition such as arthritis. If not treated timely, they can become swollen and produce significant pain. So, if you begin to notice pain, you must seek attention before the bunion becomes worse.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Use shoes that fit properly so that they do not push against your toes.
  • Choose shoes with padding on the soles.
  • You may feel better by taking medications that reduce pain caused by bunions.
  • Surgery may be helpful to get rid of a stubborn bunion. This can be used to strengthen the structural integrity of the toe joint suffering from the bunion.

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