Ingrown Toenails are More than Uncomfortable

Ingrown toenails can become a real pain for your feet as the side of the nails can dig into the surrounding skin. This, as you can imagine, not only causes pain but also makes it difficult to participate in routine activities.

Ingrown toenails can happen as a result of numerous problems, such as not trimming your nails correctly, the types of footwear you use, loose socks, unusual amounts of moisture, the result of dropping heavy items on the toes, narrow shoes, or fungus.

Symptoms involve severe discomfort, swelling, and redness surrounding the ingrown nail. Discharge can emanate from on the nail as the infection gets worse due to the imminent contamination. Ingrown toenails are not something you want to leave to chance since they can cause severe infections and lead to much worse issues.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Soaking the infected toe in warm water and trimming nails in a straight manner and avoid rounded edged corners.
  • Using antibiotic creams to exterminate the infection at its source.
  • Avoiding dropping heavy items on the toes.
  • Walking barefoot after long periods of activity.
  • Having a podiatrist raise the nail to apply antibiotic cream underneath it.
  • Surgical procedures to allow for the complete removal of the toenail so that it can regrow
  • Special acidic solutions to stop the nail from growing back in if it continues to be a problem.

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