Stand Up to Plantar Warts

Let’s face it, plantar warts are frankly unsightly and not something you want hanging around. To add to their charm, they can also be painful when left to their own devices. They grow on the bottom of the foot and can stick out a bit, but not too much since they are constantly being pressed on.

Plantar warts are caused by a virus and that can make them unique to treat. They are not dangerous but can be tender and take a long time to be eradicated. Warts form as dense skin and can cause radiating pain around to the surrounding areas. The problem arises when most people do not consider them a threat. They look harmless and when they start to multiply, they are covered up with the hopes that no one sees them and that they will simply go away with time. Plantar warts thrive on this type of hopeful thinking. For these stubborn warts, there are treatments that can produce significant results.

Common treatments

  • You can utilize prescribed medications that attack the virus and that also help to boost your immune system.
  • Cryotherapy, which means the warts are frozen and then scraped off by a foot doctor.
  • Surgical procedures are also helpful when the above methods are One such procedure uses electrical stimulation to eradicate warts.
  • Lastly, the use of chemicals may be required to literally burn off the outer layers of the plantar wart. This can have a positive effect as mentioned above since the body seems to develop the confidence to beat plantar warts for good.

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