You Too Can Counter Flat Feet

Flat feet is a common condition that we see in many of our patients at our podiatry office. One way to find out if you have flat feet is to wet your feet and stand on a flat surface. If the arch of your footprint shows, meaning it is touching the ground, you have flat feet. This indicates that your arches do not provide the elasticity and support that your feet require.

You may notice that all babies seem to have flat feet, but their arches become more defined as they grow. For some, the flat feet continue into adulthood. Flat feet can cause the arches to roll towards each other, making the foot twist abnormally. The cascading effect from the arch, ankle joint, and the knees can lead to pain and risk of injuries.

Factors that increase the chances of flat feet are obesity, arthritis, and diabetes. If you allow flat feet to develop without any treatment, you may develop secondary complications such as ankle pain, bad posture, a lack of stability when walking, and a misalignment of your body. These issues can cause pain and injuries to other parts of your body. The best way to address flat feet is to visit a podiatrist for a professional assessment and treatment plan. Your foot doctor may suggest the following:

  • Get physical therapy to strengthen your foot’s tendons and muscles to create more support.
  • Get orthotics placed in your shoes to improve any abnormal foot mechanics. They can also help to provide support to your arch as well.
  • Wear shoes that fit well and which provide adequate support. You may need special shoes that have additional arch support to prevent further pain from developing.

Here at Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, our expert podiatrist, Dr. Stavros O. Alexopoulos, can treat your flat feet with the latest techniques and procedures to improve your foot health. Contact us at our Chicago office today for an appointment by calling (773)561-8100. We have confidence that our methods and approaches can be tailored to your specific arch problem so that we can provide a solution that lasts. Check out our Patient Education Library to discover more ways to help your feet and ankles stay healthy!