Podiatrists Can Help Ankle Sprains

We’ve all had the experience of injuring the ankle, whether it’s from running, dancing, walking in heels or stepping off of a curb. Most of these injuries result in an ankle sprain, which damages the tissues around the ankle joint. Usually, the ankle is twisted in a sudden manner and is stretched beyond its normal limits.

Symptoms include tenderness, inflammation, sensitivity, pain, stiffness, and a decreased ability to put weight on your foot. Tendons and cartilage can also become damaged during a sprain. A minor sprain can recover quickly, whereas a more serious sprain may take weeks to get better. Ankle sprains happening higher up on the ankle can take even longer to recover. No matter what type of sprain you have, it is important to see a foot care specialist for proper care. Even a slight sprain that heals incorrectly can result in future frequent sprains and chronic instability of your ankle.

After an assessment by your podiatrist, the following treatments may be recommended:

  • Rest your injured ankle as much as possible. The podiatrist may prescribe an ankle boot and crutches if necessary.
  • Use ice to reduce inflammation to the injured ankle.
  • Keep your ankle elevated to minimize swelling.
  • During the latter part of your recovery, participate in physical therapy to strengthen your ankle ligaments and muscles. It can also provide renewed stability to your ankle and improve mobility, elasticity, endurance, and steadiness. These exercises can help prevent future injuries.

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