Beat the Cancer in Your Feet

Skin Cancer can appear anywhere on the body, including the extremities. When tumors form on the skin of your feet, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis for determining the type of cancer. Of the numerous types of cancer in the feet, one of the most common and deadliest is melanoma.

Factors that increase the risk of getting this form of foot cancer include having fair skin or having an oversensitivity to sunlight. Skin tumors on your feet tend to be abnormally shaped, with uneven edges and different colorations from that of the rest of your foot. To learn if the presence of these formations on your feet is dangerous, a portion of it may need to be excised and tested. Moreover, a change in color of the spots on your skin over time could cause a significant cause for concern. Other forms of tumors include plantar fibromas that occur on the bottom part of your foot. The danger of this form of cancer is not any less just because it occurs on your feet. Inaction can lead to far-reaching damage that may be difficult to treat later on. Timely treatment is paramount with this type of foot ailment.

Treatment for skin cancer may include:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor if it is caught early on.
  • Biopsies to determine if the skin condition is cancerous. This process may be slightly painful but is an important step in cancer type detection.
  • Covering your feet from sunlight and lessening the amount of time they are exposed to UV rays over long periods of time.
  • Radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Surgical procedures to remove tumors before they can cause further damage to other parts of your body.

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