Neuromas are Different

Neuromas have a way of being different from your average foot complication. Any injury dealing with the nerves in your feet can produce unique sensations and levels of pain. A neuroma affects a group of nerves between your toes and typically affect women due to their fashion footwear choices.

What are the symptoms?

If you have a neuroma, you may experience aching foot pain, a lack of sensation at the ball of the foot and/or inflammation in your toes. You may have a higher chance of developing neuromas if you have deformities such as high arches, sustain severe traumatic injuries to your nerves or wear shoes that are too tight in the toe box region. Diabetics are also susceptible and can further lead to complications if nerves are damaged.

What can you do for a neuroma?

  • See a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis.
  • Take part in physical therapy to alleviate neuroma pain.
  • Wear shoes that fit correctly to prevent the onset of additional neuromas. Narrow shoes or those with high heels are particularly troublesome.
  • Take painkillers to reduce discomfort in your toes.
  • Use orthotics in your shoes to help reduce inflammation and to provide support to manage pain associated with neuromas.
  • Surgical procedures may be required in certain situations to eliminate the neuroma.
  • Chemical treatments may help eliminate pain by flooding the damaged nerves with a numbing agent.

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