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Do I Need Orthotics?


Many patients visit their podiatrist with complaints of foot discomfort brought on by different problems. Usually, the patient enquires about the necessity of an orthotic and the best kind to use in such a case.

If your feet are not in the best functioning position and are causing pain, discomfort, and exhaustion, podiatrists may advise a foot orthotic. Based on your condition and particular needs, customized orthotics can prove to be very beneficial.

Doctors advise investing in high-quality, professionally fitted shoes tailored to your work or sporting interests before making an orthotics purchase. You might be shocked to find that a lot of individuals haven’t had their feet measured by a professional. Our feet get shorter and wider as we get older.

The following are some foot problems that can be treated with orthotics:

Plantar fasciitis

Management of plantar fasciitis frequently involves the use of foot orthotics. Foot orthotics are believed to lessen the effects of plantar fasciitis, primarily easing the tension placed on the fascia while standing and walking.


Orthotics can aid in easing discomfort and prevent the development of bunions. Your bunion may experience increased pressure from conditions like flat feet, which can be relieved with orthotics.

Knee pain

They can ease the pressure on the foot if the orthotics are suitable for you and created to match the particular structural demands of your feet. Unfortunately, improperly placed orthotics might actually make your knee condition worse rather than make it go away. Get in touch with a professional podiatrist and get your feet assessed.

Flat feet

Custom orthotics can assist flat feet by giving your feet the precise support they require to stop the pain your flat feet are causing. They delay or even prevent surgery for conditions brought on by flat feet.

High arches

Numerous foot health problems, such as sprained ankles and gait issues can be brought on by a high arch. A suitable orthotic may solve this issue. Your high foot arch will be supported by a well-made orthotic insert, preventing damage.

Your orthotics are an important part of foot health. Everyone has a unique foot structure and some individuals may live their entire lives without experiencing any discomfort or damage to their feet or lower limbs. If you are now experiencing pain, an orthotic may be what you need.

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