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Preventing Falls at Home

September is Falls Prevention Awareness Month. At My Chicago Foot Experts, we are committed to keeping you safe. Falls at home are a common occurrence and can lead to injuries, some of which can be severe. In this blog, we will explore eight common reasons people experience falls at home and eight simple solutions to help prevent them.

  1. Slippery Floors: Sometimes, our floors can become slippery from spills. This can easily make us lose our footing and increase our risk of falls. Solution: If there’s a spill, clean it up right away. Use non-slip mats in areas prone to getting wet, like the bathroom or kitchen.
  2. Poor Lighting: When areas in your home are not well lit, it can be hard to see any clutter/obstacles and where you’re going. The lack of proper lighting can significantly increase your risk of trips and falls. Solution: Add brighter light fixtures, especially in hallways and staircases. Nightlights can also help you find your way in the dark.
  3. Clutter: Clutter walkways and rooms can cause trips and falls. Solution: Keep your living space clean and tidy. Clear walkways will significantly help reduce your likelihood of falls.
  4. Uneven Surfaces: Floors that aren’t level can be tricky to walk on. Loose rugs or damaged carpets are tripping hazards. Solution: Use non-slip pads and fix or replace damaged flooring to ensure even surfaces.
  5. Lack of Handrails: Stairs or slippery surfaces, such as bathrooms, can be challenging without handrails. Solution: Install railings where needed, especially on stairs and in the shower, for support.
  6. Medication Side Effects: Some medications can make you dizzy and lose balance. Solution: Talk to your doctor about any side effects your medication might have. They could either change them or suggest how to manage your balance issues.
  7. Weakness and Inactivity: Weak muscles and lack of exercise can lead to poor balance. Solution: Do regular strength and balance exercises like walking, yoga, or chair exercises to improve physical stability.
  8. Footwear Choices: Wearing ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes can affect your balance. Solution: Wear shoes that fit well and support your feet. Avoid high heels and slippery footwear.

    Remember, our homes should be a safe space. By understanding these common reasons for falls and applying these simple solutions, you can create a safer home to move around. Keep your home a safe and comfortable place where you can move freely and live without fear. Stay safe and steady! Your podiatrist is a valuable partner in helping you maintain your safety and stability as you age.

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