Category: Diseases And Your Feet

Men Are at Risk of Osteoporosis Too!

You’ve probably seen the ads on television with actors Blythe Danner or Sally Field advertising osteoporosis medications. Well it may surprise you, but men can get osteoporosis too. For men, this medical condition occurs later in life and they experience fewer fractures, including ankle and foot fractures, from osteoporosis. However, men are much more likely […]

Make Smart Footwear Choices if You Have Neuropathy

Because neuropathy causes pain and numbness in the feet, it’s important to choose footwear wisely if you suffer from this condition. The peripheral nerve system ranges all over the body and includes all the nerves except those in the brain and spinal cord. This system links the brain and spinal cord to the body’s muscles, […]

What Your Feet Can Divulge about Your Overall Health

Did you know that your feet can show clues that give hints about your overall health? Every day in our office Dr. Alexopoulos examines patients with all kinds of foot problems. At the same time we sometimes notice signs that can point to general health problems ranging from dehydration to impaired circulation and even lung […]