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Children’s Foot Care: As They Grow

Children are special – and so are their feet. Why? Because they are still growing! And that is why they need special foot care every day and also when anything looks suspicious. Watch your children’s feet as they grow, step by step: Baby – Up to 1 Year Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM considers this year […]

It’s Time for Back to School Shoe Shopping!

There’s no hint of coolness in our northern Illinois air but fall is definitely on the way. Even without the weather as an indicator, we know that fall is coming because those familiar yellow school buses are gearing up and will soon take to the streets. If you’re like most parents, you’ll soon be planning […]

Are Your Children In-toeing or Out-toeing?

Parents often bring their children to our office to ask about the appearance of their feet and legs. Sometimes the child’s feet point in towards each other when walking. This abnormality is called “in-toeing” and is also referred to as being “pigeon-toed.” Less commonly we see the opposite – the child walks with the toes […]

Heel Pain in Children Could Be Sever’s Disease

Growing pains? Are these real or myth? If your child has heel pain and difficulty walking, he or she may be experiencing a heel bone that grows too fast during a growth spurt. Sever’s disease occurs when the muscles and tendons stretch tightly because they don’t grow fast enough to keep up with heel bone […]

Select the Right Athletic Shoes for Your Child

Well-fitting athletic shoes are a must for every sport – well, maybe not swimming! Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, board certified podiatrist, knows how important it is to choose shoes for sports carefully based on the child’s foot and the needs of each activity. Inflexible, poorly shaped shoes and those that don’t fit well restrict natural […]