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My mother and I are absolutely amazed at how quickly Dr. Alexopoulos was able to heal ulcers that were threatening to become a chronic problem for my 93-year-old mother. For almost three weeks of treatment with a boot the swelling that caused the ulcers disappeared and the wounds closed and healed. We will always be grateful for Dr. Alexopoulos’ advice and kindness to us. It is a pleasure to come to him and his staff for treatment.

Maura and Melitta R.

Recently my daughter had fallen at school and had sprained her foot, twice. My primary doctor recommended her to see a foot specialist. I am very glad that my daughter and myself met Doctor Alexopoulos. Dr. Alexopoulos examined her feet very well. Dr. Alexopoulos knew right away what she needed and what had to be done to improve the way she walks and prevent anymore injuries. Dr. Alexopoulos is a very kind and attentive doctor. I am very happy to have met such an amazing doctor at Swedish Covenant Hospital: Thank you.

Maria R.

Regarding Dr. Stravos Alexopoulos

A number of years ago I had injured my big toe (right side). At that time it really did not bother me. Now being over 10 years later my big toe on my right foot became extremely painful.

Asking around in the neighborhood about if anyone could recommend a really good foot doctor my chiropractor recommended Dr Alexopoulos. I thought well, it is always a good sign when one doctor refers another doctor.

I started going to the doctor. He explained what was wrong and took x-rays of my foot. Also through the process we realized that I had a Morton’s neuroma (which was adding to the pain in my right foot).

I find Dr. S to be extremely detailed in his explanations of his process and wants to make sure that his patients understand and are comfortable with what is going on, what the process is and to please ask as many questions as they need to ask.

My foot had become so painful from the neuroma I could not walk any long distance at a time and it hit me hard when I was at the art museum. He recommended shots for the neuroma and they worked! I ended up having about 5 shots. Another important part of his process I would like to ass is that he gives pretty painless shots. Let me elaborate, he takes the time to first numb you with a cotton swab to get the skin a little dulled, then he gives the first shot gives Novocain (not sure if it still called this), then after awhile as this numbs the foot, he gives the medicine into the foot. The process may take a little longer but it is thorough and way-way more painless. This is the kind of treatment that I look for so was very happy find it. I also the fact that he does not choose surgery as his first choice.

My big toe on my right foot, unfortunately did not respond to shots. Too far gone, ended up getting arthritis in the toe. Interestingly enough with the neuroma under control my toe is easier to work around with. So now I can get prepared to have surgery and have the arthritis removed at my convenience.
I like the holistic approach to it all as well. It is not just getting rid of the problem with surgery. Many discussions about other options as well. Plus talking about proper shoes for the foot. Also extreme detail of what to expect when I have the surgery (before and after). I feel no matter what I have done to date, there have not been any surprises.

The people that I talk to in the office are also very good. Easy to work with you on payments and any problems with billing and appointments. Over all my experience has been pleasant.

It is easy to park there and if you get the ticket stamped it ends up costing only $2.00 to park in the lot. If it is cold from the lot to the office you do not have to walk outside. Overall I rate the experience high and would gladly recommend my friends and family to him.

So recapping *detailed about all procedures, *detailed about what to expect, helpful office employees, *easy parking and very important to all of us…**very little pain if any……..overall a win-win.
Review from patient CBR.

Cinder B.R.

I visited Dr Alexopoulos for heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. After a few visits, I was feeling much better and able to walk without constant pain. Dr. Alexopoulos has a terrific bedside manner. I really appreciate the time he spent with me making sure I understood everything and addressing any concerns I had.

Angela R.

I first came to Dr. Alexopoulos for Plantar Faciitis. I had been suffering with the pain for about 6 months. After two different physical therapists, many exercise and other techniques still did not cure my pain, I decided to seek the help of a foot expert.

Dr. Alexopoulos runs a wonderful practice. He explains, listens, and even checks up after a visit. He was also very thoughtful and careful with his treatment. I received a cortisone shot at my second visit and because of Dr. Alexopoulos’s careful attention, it was administered pain free! Within three visits I was feeling much better. I am so glad I chose Dr. Alexopoulos and his friendly staff, and would highly recommend them!

Erin D.

I was thoroughly satisfied with my experience with Dr. Alexopoulos. He was very professional, and treated what I had grown up thinking to be an extremely painful procure with extreme care. He went out of his way to put me at ease and when I was surprised at how little discomfort I felt even days later. He did an excellent job and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone requiring his services. Top Notch!

Charles P.

In June 2013, I started experiencing pain on both of my feet. I had so much trouble, that I couldn’t walk whenever I got up fro a chair or out of bed. The pain was terrible. My mom was a patient of Dr. Aleopoulos , so I decided to give it a try. On March 12, 2014 I went to Dr. Alexopoulos. He stated that I had “Plantar Fasciites”. He wrapped up my feet. The wrapping of the feet helped me get better right away. I followed up with him regularly and today I am pain free and a happy camper!

Sally E.

It has been a great experience for me here at Doctor Alexopoulos Stavros, he has been very attentive to my needs and helped me get my feet back to what I would call normal. What a great job.
Thanks so much.


I am so thankful for the treatment I received from Dr. Alexopoulos. When I first came I could hardly walk. After 3 months of treatment I was able to walk again and I am so happy I went to the right doctor and he is very accommodating.

Aldea M.

Dr. Alexopoulos and the staff are always friendly and professional. Every time I arrive I am always greeted with a friendly smile and Dr. Alexopoulos’ humor. My foot surgery could not have been easier under his care. He is my favorite doc to see and it is always enjoyable.

Corey H.

I firsts ought help from Dr. Alexopoulos when I broke my right foot. I was devastated because I could not work or drive. His care and kindness quickly healed me.

Months later I returned to Dr. Alexopoulos for an ingrown toenail that caused me pain for years. By the next day there was less pain than I had suffered with the ingrown nail.
Dr. Alexopoulos looks at the entire person, not just the feet.

Rita, O’Leary

I came to see Dr. Alexopoulos after a trip abroad, having experienced debilitating pain in my ankle on my last day abroad. I was able to schedule an appointment very quickly with Jeff, his very pleasant assistant, and Dr. Alexopoulos, after a brief but thorough examination, very clearly went over his diagnosis with me. He prescribed me a brace and mentioned other home remedies and OTC pain killers I could supplement my recovery with. Now, I’m back at the gym, running and lifting, and feeling great!


Dr. Alexopoulos was thorough, helpful, and caring. He quickly assessed the problem and launched and effective, painless treatment plan. In addition, Dr Alexopoulos provided helpful consultations about other secondary conditions and outlined every possible option. Dr. Alexopoulos will take excellent care of you and your feet!

Katherine S.

My name is Bob S. I’m 65 years old and in excellent health, although I occasionally have problems with my ankles (swollen and/or gout).

I’ve seen Dr. Alexopoulos for these problems 4 or 5 times and could not be happier with the results. When I see the doctors, I limp in and walk out. I call him my “miracle worker” to my wife.

Robert F. S.

I have been MORE  happy with the services received at the office of Dr.Stavros Alexopoulos. The doctor is prompt, professional, personable, attentive and totally informed. He was accessible by phone, too, which is important to me. The staff are friendly and helpful. I feel I have found not only medical assistance (case?) but friends.


I had a piece of wire in my foot that caused me a lot of pain. When I would put my left foot down. I kept putting off doing anything about it as an orthopedic surgeon told me I should live with it. I came to see Dr. Alex and he told me I could if I chose but he could also remove it. Finally after going through pain for a year I had him remove it. It was so simple and now I am pain free. I cannot believe I waited so long to do it. I am very happy.

Marilyn P.

I am writing this testimonial from a deep place of gratitude for the treatment I received for Dr. Alexopoulos. Not only is Alexopoulos a gifted doctor, but a kind, compassionate human being. I was especially appreciative with the fact not only was he treating me, but teaching me as well. I also appreciated that he always asked if I had questions. I experienced a great feeling of caring. I also want to acknowledge his staff. The staff was wonderful. Visiting this office is amazing. The same qualities I expressed about the doctor apply to his staff as well. The staff is very well trained, kind, and very professional. my whole experience was wonderful. I believe Dr. Alexopoulos would be a perfect model for other doctors. Although I am not grateful for my foot injury, I am grateful I was fortunate to find Dr. Alexopoulos!

Danny F.

I came to Dr. Alexopoulos because I had a hammertoe and bunion on my left toe. There was pain on my foot, and I could wear only gym shoes.

Dr. Alexopoulos assured me that surgery could correct my problem. He explained the procedure in detail, and he let me know that there would be swelling for 6-9 months after surgery. I was very pleased with the results of the surgery. There was nothing unexpected that I experienced associated with the surgery. I listened to Dr. Alexopoulos’ advice about staying off my feet for several days after surgery, and I had no problems after that.

Dr. Alexopoulos personally called at home to ask how I was doing after surgery. He always asks if there are any problems/infections every time I have an appointment. His office staff is always courteous and helpful. I appreciate all that he has done to help me…

Julie B.

I was having pain in my ankles from stair climbing. The doctor set me up with medical grade shoe inserts. These helped alleviate the pain as well as his insights on how to properly land my foot on each step.

The doctor also performed surgery on both of my big toes to prevent ingrown toenails. The surgery was quick and painless, and healed without issue.

The doctor has a great bedside manner, and the front desk is courteous and friendly.
If you have a foot or ankle problem, go see Dr. Alexopoulos!

Tim W.

My review of Dr. Alexopoulos

He is very professional and thorough, also very friendly and courteous. Gives one the impression he really cares about your health and well being. It is like visiting a good friend.

Nicholas R.

Dr. Alexopoulos is an extremely thoughtful and caring doctor. He is experienced and very well spoken in his field. Dr. Alexopoulos will make you understand your medical issues before you heave his office so you really have an understanding of your condition/injury. I would recommend Dr. Alexopoulos to family or friends.

Saulius V.

I came to Dr. Alexopoulos with a severely painful ankle and was diagnosed with arthritis and gout in both feet. Dr. Alexopoulos is a great doctor who explains exactly was he is doing and why it should be done. He is very thorough and explains each step before he proceeds. He is very willing to answer any questions his patients might ask and gives you the feeling of security knowing you are in the hands of a true expert. He has cured my pain and explained how I can stay pain free. Besides all of this, he is a true gentleman and a really nice guy. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Alexopoulos is my doctor.

Henry G.

My name is Ricardo F. and I came to see Dr.Stavros Alexopoulos when I was in excruciating pain – on a scale of 1-10, I was a 12.

Dr. Alexopoulos has a very warm and caring demeanor and he was able to help me instantly with a combination of an ankle brace and a shot and topical medication. I am almost at 100% again.
I am very grateful.

Ricardo F.

Dr. Alexopoulos’ office has been a wonderful experience for me. Dr. Alexopoulos and his employees are always friendly and readily available for all of their patients. They answer any questions that you have and do their very best to make sure your visit is a satisfying experience. Dr. Alexopoulos is very informative and an expert in his field. This office displays honest and integrity and looks out for the best interest of the patient.

Osei S.

My foot was swollen and it didn’t get better no matter what I tried to do: icing, heat, elevation, rest, I tried it all, but after a week I decided to ask for a doctor’s help. I found Doctor Alexopoulos’s office online and after I read all the great reviews about him, I decided to call and make an appointment. He was able to see me the same day. I have never experienced a more professional and caring doctor before. He found the problem immediately. He also pointed out other issues that I had with my foot that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks to his expertise and care, I’m recovering and I will be ready for my wedding. I will highly recommend him to anyone that needs help. You will not find a better doctor that cares so much about his patients.

Aleksandra G.