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Foot massages: How They Can Help You

Did you know a massage does not give just a pleasant and relaxing feeling? After an exhausting day, a good foot massage can provide much-needed respite if your feet are sore. Studies show that it also offers many health advantages.

Even a quick foot massage may make you feel better and reduce tension. Here are a few surprising advantages of foot massages:

Improved blood circulation

The most fundamental but crucial advantage of having a foot massage is improved blood flow in our lower extremities. The weight is entirely on our feet all day long. While we run and walk around, most of the weight is carried by our feet. A foot massage will stimulate good blood flow and reduce swelling in our feet.

Reduce the risk of foot and ankle problems

Foot massages can ease joint discomfort, speed up the healing process following an accident, and lessen tightness in the muscles. Stretching and strengthening exercises for the foot and ankles, together with a massage, can assist in warding off future injuries and hasten the healing of current ones.

Decrease both depression and anxiety

Reflexology has outcomes beyond merely putting patients to sleep for the duration of the massage, according to some studies. Massages are known to positively affect your mood and attitude and lower stress and anxiety.

Migraines and headaches

Getting a good foot massage is very beneficial for you if you get headaches or even migraines. Numerous studies have demonstrated that foot massages are beneficial for those who frequently experience headaches.

Blood pressure is reduced

In the present day, hypertension has become somewhat common. Although there are many potential causes, such as stress and a poor diet, it is generally believed that genes and the environment play a major role in its development. Nevertheless, a good foot massage can reduce your blood pressure as you tend to relax and calm down.


Fluid retention in the legs and ankles is a symptom of edema. Pregnant ladies commonly experience this issue. This is something that foot massages may assist with, and pregnant women have always enjoyed them.

Because they don’t use drugs or chemicals, foot massages have been used in conventional medicine as a complementary therapy for patients receiving treatment for various conditions like heart attack, arthritis of the joints, and muscular disorders. It has been discovered that foot massages improve a patient’s quality of life and positively impact the course of therapy.

While a relaxing foot massage may be exactly what you need after a long, hard day’s work, seeing a podiatrist is key to having healthier feet. Call the friendly My Chicago Foot Expert staff at (773) 561-8100 or click here to schedule an appointment with Cook County podiatrist Stavros O. Alexopoulos, DPM, in our modern, comfortable Ravenswood office today.

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