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Orthotics Open Feet to a World of Comfort

Orthotics are very important for keeping feet in optimal positions that help to keep the whole body in proper alignment. Since the feet root the body to the ground, any device that can increase stability and reduce pressure can have lasting benefits. Orthotics can support the arch to prevent uneven weight distribution that may cause […]

Orthotics are What’s Missing in Your Shoes

Orthotics are used to correct moveable parts of the foot so as to reduce pain, swelling or any other symptom from a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Shoe inserts are orthotics that help to support and align the foot to correct an abnormal application of pressure on the foot or an irregular walking pattern. […]

Wearing and Caring for Orthotics

If your foot doctor has prescribed orthotics, think of it as if you have been prescribed medication for a particular condition. In other words, use them! Your doctor saw a problem in your feet, whether from an injury, disease or a physical abnormality that can be helped by these custom-made shoe inserts designed to support […]